The Jefferson Islands Club

Welcome to The Jefferson Islands Club

View of the sea wall

Indeed, of all the islands in the Chesapeake, Jefferson, as it exists under its present occupants, is by far the the nation's finest example of pastoral simplicity and quiet. It is perhaps the only accessible spot within a few hours of the national capital where a careworn statesman, yearning for the placid life, can find it in an atmosphere of privacy…

- New York Sun, July 25, 1939

The Jefferson Islands Club was founded in 1931 on Poplar Island in the Chesapeake Bay by several Democratic Senators as a refuge from their hectic political lives.  Today, The Club is located on St. Catherine's Island in the Potomac River, serving as a refuge from modern life for its members, and promotes bipartisanship in our political discourse.

"There aren't many organizations out there extolling bipartisan solutions, but the Jefferson Islands Club believes this is the key to resolving our most serious problems," says Club President Jeff Glassie. 

We hope you will join with us in preserving this wonderful Club and our quaint Island retreat! 

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Club Objectives:

To support, defend, and advance the fundamental principles of government enunciated by Thomas Jefferson.

To provide a Club House with suitable surroundings and comforts where members may assemble, discuss and promote Jeffersonian philosophies, to the end they may become controlling in Federal and State Governments.

To encourage civil discourse for a better America, to foster national unity by supporting bipartisan principles of democracy espoused by our founding fathers, and to provide a congenial setting conducive to philosophical discussions while also protecting and restoring natural resources in the lower Potomac watershed.

Book cover Buy the Island history book, My Love Affair with an Island; the History of the Jefferson Islands Club and St. Catherine's Island, by Jefferson Glassie - click here.